White Clover Seed

White Clover Seed

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Use White Clover in your lawn, as a ground cover, or a green manure.

This hardy clover can grow almost on any types of soil but does require an adequate amount of moisture. Clover does well in all soil types and has the ability to fix its own nitrogen, enriching the soil,  A competitor to dandelion and other weeds, white clover is suitable for establishing a new lawn and for overseeding. If there are weeds in your lawn, white clover gradually out competes them.

Even adding a small amount of clover seed to your turf will benefit your lawn; the clover binds nitrogen from the air into the soil, which in turn is fertilizer for the grass growing around it. Clower is also a great ground cover in its own right, and a cover-crop for over fall-winter-spring to till under a vegetable patch as a green manure (be sure to seed at least 4 weeks before the first killing frost so it can sprout and get established).

When seeded with grass, the seed rate is only 1 lbs per acre (43,000 sq. ft.). As a cover crop or ground cover the seed rate is 2,000 sq. ft. per lbs. Our 500 gram bag is just over 1 lbs.

The small white flowers on clover are a favourite of bees