Order Form Downloads

Click here to download the: Soil & Mulch Order Form

Click here to download the: Dog/Cat & Animal Feed Order Form

Click here to download the: Garden Seed Order Form

 As a result of Covid-19, we are continually developing systems that  make it easier for you to shop safely with us.  Please find here our Soils, Mulches & Fertilizer Order Form, our Garden Seed Order Form and our Animal Feed order form.  All of these items can now be purchased on this website with options for curbside pickup and delivery.  Alternatively, you can scan and email your order to countrysense@zing-net.ca, call it in (519)843-1999 or take a picture of it and text it to me, Julia at 905-299-5077.

Payment Options:

  • Buy online
  • Credit Card over the phone
  • Portable debit machine we can bring out to your vehicle
  • Cash
  • Cheque if you are in our system as a feed customer or have an account