15% Goat Grower Pellet - 25 kg

15% Goat Grower Pellet - 25 kg

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Sheep and goats require high nutrient density products to milk and grow well.   There feed consumption is low so what they consume makes a big difference. This is a mid range complete feed to be fed along with forages to growing goats.

Feed 15% Goat Grower Pellets with good quality forages and/or roughages to meet the nutritional requirements of growing goats.

Feed as the sole ration and ensure fresh water and forage is readily available. Feed at 1% of body weight per head per day.

  • A pelleted complete feed formulated for the optimum growth, development and maintenance of goats.
  • Nutritionally complete - Provides the proper balance of high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Built in roughage source minimizes clean-up from wasted or uneaten forage. Proper calcium to phosphorus ratio for goats.
  • Palatable, high-quality ingredients - Helps ensure consumption