17% Complete Rabbit Pellet - 25kg
17% Complete Rabbit Pellet - 25kg

17% Complete Rabbit Pellet - 25kg

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Pellet quality is critical when feeding rabbits.   Excessive “fines” leads to excessive waste as the rabbits won’t eat fine particles in feed. 

17% Rabbit Feed is designed to be fed to rabbits of all ages. No other feed is necessary.


Complete and balanced products.
Meets the rabbits’ nutrient requirements for all phases of life.

Consistent, fine free, easy to handle, improved consumption and results in less feed wastage.

Balanced Fiber, Energy and Protein Levels.
Fiber, energy and protein are provided in the proper proportions for improved nutrition.

Contains high quality alfalfa meal.
A high quality protein source that enhances palatability.

Highly digestible protein sources.
Excellent amino acid profile and adequate levels for both maintenance and growth.

Contains fibre.
Energy source important for overall gut health and appetite stimulation.

Contains higher fat levels.
Provides energy, increases palatability, and aids in vitamin absorption.