19% Calf Starter Coarse - 25 kg
19% Calf Starter Coarse - 25 kg

19% Calf Starter Coarse - 25 kg

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Designed for optimal intake and rumen development for the early stages of life. To promote health and growth, calf starters include molasses for the development of the digestive tract, our calf starters include a product called Micro-Aid which improves gut health and maximizes performance. 

This is a complete feed intended to be fed as part of a complete diet.  Feed it in association with fresh water and high quality roughages.

19% Coarse Calf Starter a grain-based sweet feed (low in fiber) for starting beef and dairy calves on feed.  This feed is designed to aid in the development of the calves’ small, immature rumen with a source of readily available carbohydrates (sugars and starches).  An elevated protein level (19%) supports the growth and health needs of calves. 

Contains added Selenium at a rate of 0.3mg per kg.