Amazing Cauliflower  4 Cell Pack

Amazing Cauliflower 4 Cell Pack

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Maturity:71 Days

CULTURE: Cauliflower prefers a well-drained, fertile soil high in organic matter, a pH of 6.0–7.5 with consistent moisture throughout the growing season. Irrigate regularly for best results. Cauliflower does not do well in hot weather; the best success is with spring and fall crops.

EARLY SPRING CROP: Use early and midseason varieties. Seedlings should be ready to transplant in 4–6 weeks. If possible, keep soil at least 70°F (21°C) until germination, and 60°F (16°C) thereafter. Transplant outdoors when seedlings are no older than 4–5 weeks old. Older plants tend to be stressed and do not perform as well as actively growing seedlings. Harden plants carefully by gradually increasing cold before transplanting out, 18" between plants and 24–36" between rows.

FALL CROP: Use midseason and storage varieties. Start seedlings as above in May and transplant to the garden in June–July. To ensure mature heads, seed the crop early in areas where heavy freezes occur early in fall.

 Classic, non-hybrid, all purpose cauliflower from a Dutch grower is truly “amazing”. Large, uniform plants produce a big, crisp, dense head with both the texture and flavor that gardeners and cooks love. There are plenty of wrapper leaves and if you want maximum whiteness you probably will want to tie them up – although Amazing also self-blanches well. Flavorful heads are produced over a long season.