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A CountrySense favourite for tough ground, Hardilawn LS™ is an environmentally friendly mix with endophyte enhanced ingredients for sandy soil. 

Your grass will stay green during hot summers, especially if your soil is sandy. Other grasses suffer on sandy soils, but HardiLawn LS thrives on them. It tillers aggressively and produces very dark green, dense, and wear tolerant turf.

HardiLawn LS grows slowly, which means fewer mowing and reduced clippings. It is an ideal choice for residential properties to conserve water and withstand traffic but is also used for play grounds, football fields, golf courses, grass parking areas, etc.

  • 70% Dynamite LS™ Tall Fescue
  • 15% Slider LS™ Perennial Ryegrass
  • 15% Torsion LS™ Perennial Ryegrass

70% of HardiLawn mix consists of Dynamite LS Tall Fescue, the champion grass carefully bred to withstand drought, insect attack and several diseases. 

Other components, Slider LS Perennial Ryegrass and Torsion LS Perennial Ryegrass, stabilize the mix for various growing conditions. Being deep rooted, tall fescue performs in shade and sun and capable of withstanding summer heat and drought, while perennial rye-grasses will better survive in cooler conditions. Although slower to establish than perennial ryegrass, the tall fescue is very persistent.

The patented LS components of the mix are endophite enchaced. Endophotes, beneficial fungi living within the grass, help the plants in water management. That's why heat, drought, and pests do not affect the grass. The turf is environmentally friendly and does not need much care.


Lateral Spread lawn mixtures have a spreading tiller which fills in bare spots fast for increasing density to prevent possible weed pressures. These mixtures are find leafed and dark green in colour. Each mix is custom designed making our seed company the only ones with this technology in Eastern Canada.


    • Apply at a rate of 5-7 lbs/1000 sq ft
    • Optimal seeding application time is  spring or fall
    • Good germination depends on adequate moisture and good seed to soil contact.
    5 lb bag covers 1000 sq ft
    10 lb bag covers 2000 sq ft
    25 lb bag covers 5,000 sq ft
    50 lb bag covers 10,000 sq ft or 1/4 of an acre