Feed-O-Matic Poultry Feeder - 17.5lb Capacity
Feed-O-Matic Poultry Feeder - 17.5lb Capacity

Feed-O-Matic Poultry Feeder - 17.5lb Capacity

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  • Stop rats, mice, wild birds and other small pests from eating your poultry feed.
  • Feed stays dry and protected in most weather conditions.
  • Innovative trough design reduces wasted feed. Birds can’t reach in and scratch out feed.
  • Heavy-duty plastic footplate allows droppings and litter to fall through.
  • Weight adjustable treadle assures trough access for both lightweight and heavy breeds.
  • Quiet operation
How to Use
To train chickens how to use the treadle, put a stone or weight on the footplate. It may be helpful to keep the stone in place for a day or two, this way the birds will discover where the food is.


Requires assembly by attaching the front step and lid to feeder body. All required hardware included.

We’ve learned a few tricks to get the most out of our treadle feeders.
  • Chickens need to be trained to feeders. Select a trainee and place them on the roost to activate the door. They will see the feed and recognize that this is the place to be fed.
  • Allow room under roosts. As manure and bedding accumulates, doors will not be able to open fully. Either hang the feeder or periodically clear bedding and manure. Partially open doors have the potential to scrape the combs of large combed birds.
  • Because the feed lands far back in the feeder, we do not recommend its use with waterfowl.
  • Use coarsely ground feeds for optimal feed flow in humid conditions (the same with all high capacity feeders). High concentrations of fines (powder) in feed bind easily when moisture is present (stopping feed flow).


Use only dry pellet or crumble feed in the Feed-O-Matic. Mash, whole grain and grit may cause the feed trough to become clogged and limit flow.


Periodically remove accumulated build-up from underneath the footplate to allow proper operation.