Golden California Wonder Yellow Pepper

Golden California Wonder Yellow Pepper

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Features: This plant produces a thick-walled, sweet fruit that ripens from green to bright yellow colour. This pepper brings a powerful punch of colour and taste to many culinary dishes.

Maturity: 70 to 75 days / pepper is 13cm (5") in length.

Light: Plant in full sun.

Soil and water: Well drained. A warm soil with a temperature of 18 to 24C and a pH of 5.6 to 7.5. Avoid planting in compact soil. Water as needed. Normal to moist.

Spacing: Plant 45-60cm (18-24") apart, in rows 76cm (30") apart.

Height: The plant 90cm (36") in height.

Garden use: Vegetable gardens or raised beds.

Growing tips: Plants thrive in weather temperatures of 15C and higher. Be careful of frost in the morning and evening. Cover your plants accordingly. Average water needs, water regularly but do not overwater. This plant can grow quite tall, so have stakes ready for support, especially when the plant bears fruit. Mulching in raised beds will help control the weeds. Floating row covers can help young plants stay warm in early spring where the weather is cool and protect them from sun-scalding in the heat of the summer. Culinary use: Stir fries, soups, stews, stuffed, roasted and grilled.