Savory Ace Cabbage  4 Cell Pack

Savory Ace Cabbage 4 Cell Pack

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Height: 12-24″

Width: 18-36″

Spacing: 12-15″

Days to Maturation: 75-80 Days

Location: Full Sun to Part Shade

Water: Average


Savoy cabbage is considered by many to be the best eating cabbage. It has a delicate texture and a flavor much superior to smooth leaved cabbage. Savoy cabbage is not easily shipped so it is not as readily available as red or green cabbage. That is why it is best to grow it yourself.

Savoy cabbage is also called curly cabbage. It is named for the region where it is believed to have originated: the Savoy which straddles the Alpine regions of Italy and France. Because savoy cabbage is so tender, it requires much less cooking than other cabbage varieties. A popular and quick semi-savoy cabbage with looser crinkles and a more tender texture. Easily grown in organically rich, consistently moist, well-drained loams in full sun. Cabbage is typically grown in the cool temperatures of spring or fall. It needs cool temperatures to produce the best crop. Plants generally grow poorly when daytime temperatures consistently exceed 80 degrees F. For spring planting, sow seed indoors 6-8 weeks before the last spring frost date or sow seed outdoors about 4 weeks prior to the last spring frost date. In the alternative, transplants may be purchased from local nurseries. In either case, seedlings/transplants may be planted outdoors 1-2 weeks prior to last spring frost date. For fall harvest, sow seed indoors about July 1 and plant the seedlings outdoors in mid-August or sow seed directly in the garden in early to mid-July. Generally transplants (from home grown seed or from nurseries) should be planted about 12-18″ apart in rows that are 2′ apart. Keep plants consistently moist. Apply mulch around plants to protect the shallow roots, reduce weeds and retain soil moisture. Cabbages may be picked after the firm heads form. Rotate crops to avoid soil borne diseases.Easy to harvest, adaptable to all warm season slots, with a large frame and a good protective jacket. This cabbage is versatile, dense and ready to harvest at a small size, with the ability to get much larger if desired.