Tuscan Blue Rosemary  4" Pot

Tuscan Blue Rosemary 4" Pot

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Rosemary “Tuscan Blue’ is a large variety and may reach 1.5 – 2 meters high and 80cm to 1 meter wide. It has quite a tall and stately appearance, with thick stems supporting the upright growth habit. The aromatic leaves take on an almost succulent appearance with their glossy, deep green colour and greater breadth. The clear deep blue flowers are comparatively large, held on tall stalks and bloom from late summer to autumn. This rosemary is larger than others in every aspect and quite impressive. The best climate range is from the cool temperate regions to the sub- tropics. Rosemary ‘Tuscan Blue’ will do well in full sun to part shade, tolerate coastal conditions and drought and some frost. The foliage is aromatic with a lemon twist and pine scent, while the taste is restrained and less harsh than others. It is a chef’s favourite and considered a ‘jack of all trades’ that is great for many purposes.